Sunday, June 17, 2007

Why-y-y-y don't you use it?

Studying: To be continued for another 10 days.
Exams: 2 down, 3 to go
Currently: Watching Jimmy Neutron on the Nickelodeon Channel (some stress relief for lunch!)

We have also had some great company this weekend - visits from Tom, Nita and Natalie (who has taken a liking to chocolate biscuits - clever little thing has learnt how to grab tom's finger and drag him to the cupboard where the stock of bikkies is...

and Philippe and Jan (who we didn't take a cutey picture of). Lots of great conversation over the football/elections/arguing/chocolate fondue playing risk (while Tom and I lost in stunning fashion and Jan won (much to Philippes disapproval!

One more weekend of study, then we will hit the streets again!

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