Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hildeken's 40th

After a rushed visit to the NL, we drove a few hundred km to attend the 40th of Tom's 2nd cousin in 'the Flanders' (east flanders) - everyone has a slightly odd dialect there! As always, Hildeken planned a party with style, lots of delicious food, and DJ Ronny (who seems to have a thing for slows!). Was a fun night, but both Tom and myself were completely knackered, resorting to singing daggy 80s numbers in the car on the way home to keep ourselves awake. "I'm gonna keep on loving you.... if it's the only thing that I can do.....I don't wanna sleep, I just wanna keep on lovin' you" etc.

This first photo is one of Inge (Tom's sister) and Niels.

Maggie, Loreine (Tom's mum) and Hildeken (the birthday girl)

Here we have Pepe busting up a serious move on the dry-ice infested dance floor. Never ceases to amaze me! He always comes to every party in a full suit (usually his green one) and tie, and boogies his way through the night using beer as his fuel. Then walks home and is quite fine the next day. He is coming to Australia as well, next year, so look out!

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