Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The long weekend...

Well, am back again and semi-recovered after another long weekend. We only had one plan this weekend, and stupidly didnt stick to it (isnt that always the way?!) - Tom was going to train for the 20km Brussels - running from Antwerp to Kontich (where his parents live) and I was going to ride the bike alongside him with the water, towels etc (because there is no way in hell I could survive a run longer than 5km!). That was the plan for Monday.... So after squashing on Saturday, going out for drinks, followed by a party on Saturday night, followed by visiting a friend - then to the football on Sunday, followed by dinner in the Pelgrim Sunday night (another blog all on its own...), followed by drinks (and some loud singing to some bizarre Flemish songs), we were a little beat. So, Monday was spent: in bed for Tom, and in front of the Telly playing a nintendo (found in Toms parents attic) trying to master Super Mario Bros 3 for me. I think this eventuates to the exact opposite of training. Hmmmmm..... I feel like I have been sleepwalking all day today, but that's ok, because I received some very lovely news. Kym and Benj should be joining us for Christmas (us meaning Europe, but wherever it is, it's closer than Oz!) so I am so excited.

Just a little note on the Pelgrim restaurant... we have walked past it a million times - in the centre of Antwerp, and it just appears to be a bar where you have to sit under the street, but in fact, it is a dungeon which has one entrance, which has been converted into a bar + restaurant. The entire dungeon spans the whole street and it is completely dark (except for a couple of candles lighting the way) - it made me feel like I was visiting Baldrick from a scene of Blackadder! We also had to eat our entire meals (entrée, main and dessert) with the same wooden spoon (and nothing else!). Nothing like a bit of rice pudding with remnants of chicken skin! I felt sorry for those who ordered T-Bone steak! Food was pretty mediocre (someone suggested that the chefs bought all the no-frills brand foods and said that this is how the food was in the 1500s!) but the atmosphere was amazing!

Better go and do some last minute revising before uni... I have a very good feeling us native English speakers will be re-doing level 3... j- stupid prepositions!

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