Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We can bomb the world to pieces, but we cant bomb it into peace

Not much interesting since the weekend... went rehearsing at a colleagues house last night for a performance of the Histogenex (the company I work for) song - we are having a big dinner in a few weeks and as a surprise for the bosses, most of the colleagues are playing an instrument while one of them is singing! Hopefully after a stiff drink, the nerves impulses will slow down, and the adrenaline will drown...!

And have realised that I have not mentioned our news on the blog yet! No, not getting married, no, not pregnant, but.... we are moving! (not such great news, but we are excited!). Our appartment is in Edegem, which is the same distance from my work (on the other side) - about 5km from the city, 5km from the in-laws, 2 bedrooms (we intend to convert one into a study/spare bedroom) and a gigantic back yard. Everything is completely renovated (not that its important, but it looks nice :)) so we are keen to move around the 1st of July. We are sad that we are leaving the centre of Antwerp, but what is 5km really? Plus, I love the style of our old appartment - especially the wooden floors, but, alas it doesnt have enough room for a student (acually - 2!). We also plan on seeing Tim and Tash in a few months (no pressure guys!) and Kym and Benj later this year/early next year so now we have private place for them to sleep! And any other visitors are always welcome :)


Tom from "Ingrid and Tom" said...

For female visitors that means: the cuter you are, the more welcome you are

Lyn said...

Can't wait to see your new place.