Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's so clear now that you are all that I have

First things first - have been so slack for not blogging, and in actual fact, am tipsy now and wouldnt blog otherwise! Tom is sleeping in the room next to me and I am still buzzing, so thought I would blog and tell about our last uneventful week!
By the way, am drinking wine from the bottle, so that must be saying something about the evening (or that all our glasses are in the dishwasher...)

Have done absolutely nothing unusual in the last week, and starting to feel a bit sad/lazy. I know it will be this way, probably a lot for the rest of my life, but am not used to it yet. However, had a nice evening tonight. Invited an aussie mate around (someone I met at language school from Geelong) for dinner, him and his Belgian fiancée ended up staying until 1pm, and we had a nice time chatting about the cultural differences. Pity they leave in February... seems to be the story of my life. Oh well, will get used to it, Im sure! Time to take anonther swig at the bottle... Tom has been working like a dog (dunno where that saying comes from - must apply to border collies on a farm, cos I dont really believe the average household labrador works 60+ hours a week and is too buggered to do anything when he comes home...) but he is really keen to begin uni... me too actually...

Apart from the working, nothing much else has happened! We are off to spend a day in a massage/therapy centre tomorrow (to prepare the boy for school, and to pamper the old maid he lives with) so am hoping to feel a bit refreshed afterwards. Now, I am going to brush my teeth and go to bed.

Hope everyone at home (and the friends of mine who aren't...) is happy and well


Kelly said...

Darling just want to say hi. Am thinking of you both, keep your chin up and hope you had a lovely pamper day, kels. x

Ingrid and Tom said...

Thanks sweety
definitely did - will give you a buzz soon - missing your warm friendly smile heaps :)