Monday, September 25, 2006

Sensational Sauna Sunday

We decided to empty our bank accounts this weekend, by indulging ourselves on a relaxation/massage/sauna retreat. Yes, it sounds a bit girly, but there were just as many men there as women, making the most of the facilities.

The day began with Tom's mother being mad at us because it was her birthday and we hadn't arranged anything, so he was in a fouly when he borrowed the car, but then after an hour of driving (and being lost in the Limberg) we found our way to Wellen, and stepped out of the car into peace (something lacking in Belgium!).

It began with us changing into our swimsuits (which didnt remain on for long) and big long bathrobes. Luckily (at the risk of sounding yucky) I had prepared my body the day before hand to be seen again in public in a bikini...! So, then we were taken into the 'pakking' room, where we were covered in some sort of clay mud (nude) and wrapped up in a plastic bag for half an hour. At first, I had a shocking feeling of claustrophia, desperately looking for the panic button while trying to calm myself listening to italian relaxation music. But by the time the girl came back, I was off with the sandman, with a nice trail of dribble pushing its way through the mud!

After we were washed off, we had full body massages - this time it was toms turn to take a nap! He didnt have the chance during the mud-pack as his bladder was pulsing too hard.

Then we proceded to the aqua-palace - 10 different types of saunas/steam baths - a real experience for me. Im not one who was really into saunas, but they had saunas for beginners, and gradually I progressed on to the Turkish steam bath (my personal favourate) and the Finish Sauna (90-100°C. Shockingly warm and a little hard to breathe at first, but managed well in the end.

The only bad part about the day was the traffic jam on the way back. This country has so many freeways, and they are always chockas full of cars, even on a Sunday. We were hoping to see a nasty looking accident, but it just ended up being a couple of cars with light damage, and their owners arguing over the 4 closed lanes.

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Kelly said...

Hey Darling! Your Spa day sounds just wonderful, something we should all do for ourselves. Footy Fever here but I'm in Yeppoon at the mo' so am on hols myself. Having a Wonderful, Special time with family it's grand I tell you.
Speak soon,
K x