Saturday, March 17, 2007


Time to un-somberise the mood of the last blog... As you see, I have a firm grasp of the English language now that I am studying another. I often find myself making up words to fit the moment. Why not?

So the insurance money for Gust I came through yesterday, and since we made a €200 profit out of our accident, we decided that it was time to go shopping - but instead of sticking to a budget - we decided that we should just go all out. Now we are poor again, but have enough material possessions to give ourselves a quick instant high for the next month or so until we complain about our lack of items again. As per normal - way too much was spent on books/CDs. It seems that we can't NOT buy CDs and books. But when life is music and education - then what better to spend our extra 'centjes' than these two items? Now Tom is the proud owner of a Gilles Peterson CD (very nice - if you haven't heard him - have a little listen) and another Flemish group disguised as South Americans (quite good apparently) and I am the owner of a cheapy best of David Bowie and the new Shins (have put a snippet of their single at the bottom of our webpage).

Off to a quiz tonight - organised by my inlaws yearly, and Tom is reading the paper catching up on what has happened this week, while I am hoping to help out on the 'music' category. We have managed to rope 12 people into coming, so since this makes two full teams, I am imagining some 'friendly' competition. It should all go well - as long as the team I am on wins!

Have attached some photos... Went swimming with the Flies family last week - and couldn't resist some photos of Natalie.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Cute Photos of litle Natalie - how'd the quiz night go?
Love the indoor climbing pics! I've never been entirely good at it but certainly enjoyed my indoor climbing experiences!
Ciao! Kels x