Monday, March 05, 2007

Yours is the first face that I saw, I think I was blind before I met you

Well I managed to escape our blogging till now. With the absence of Ingrid, I'll write about the weekend. it actually is a bit of self-help. it was a really emotional weekend. We went to see Little children on the weekend. Not the best movie but I saw Kate Winslett and Jennifer Connolly so can't complain too much. We also went for Japanees. that was the first time ever and it was delicious. But I will not choose to eat raw fish 7 days a week. But had a great time with our "token gay friends" Jan en Philippe. Sunday started on a bit of a downfall. My favourite uncle has died in the course of the morning. He was sick for a while now but it is still a shock and sad. I hereby want to thank Ingi in public for being the best girlfriend ever and supporting me. The sad thing was that there wasn't much we could do in the day. So we went ot my parents to talk a bit. He was the one where I spent my summers and helped out in his fishstore. Saying it like that feels like a cheesy real-like movie.
On Sunday evening, despite not looking forward I went to the watch the soccer anyway. My favourite team, beerschot, trashed one of the title candidates who are now lost for the championship. I was really emotional but it's weird how close happiness and sadness are to one another. I can only wish I have a life like him where I enjoy every second of it!
Well I hope the next one is filled with better news but writing about it always helps me so you can charge me for psych help!

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Lyn said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle, Tom. We send our condolences.

It was good to read your writings again. Hope it helped you with your emotions at this time.