Thursday, July 26, 2007

I just wanna wish you well

I suppose I have been a tad bit slack when it comes to updating... We have been here 2 weeks now and have quite happily fallen into the rhythm of fresh fruit salads every morning, enormous tapas style lunches and great tasty dinners.

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas in July, and ironically the power decided to shut itself off (in the entire Emu Park, Zilzie and Tanby) for 2 stints of 1 hour each - so the Turkey had a little trouble cooking. BUT - at around 10:30pm we had a delicious roast with veges (by that time we emptied 2 bottles of bubbly) and poor dad had to crash in his bed within 5 minutes of finishing his meal. Not used to these late nights anymore!

Emme heads back to Bris on the weekend, and Tom and I have decided to rent a car and head up north for a few days - hoping to get up to Bowen and maybe Eungella before coming back here for 2 nights and then heading to Bris to stay with em for the remainder of our holiday. Am already balking at the thought of flying back...

Have already decided that 2 years is far too long between visits - am quite happy to come back once a year from now on.

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Lieve & Jeff said...


Jeff and Lieve here. Just to say enjoy your stay and remember to sit back and realise how good life can be.

Greetz from Belgium