Friday, July 13, 2007

The wonderful world of jet-lag and qwerty keyboards

We are finally here (although still recovering a little) after around 30 hours in travelling... Will have to start mentally preparing myself already for our return flights...!!
It has been a frosty 5 degrees the first two nights, and in a huge house without any heating whatsoever, it is a little nipply, but lucky for us, it warms up to a nice 20 in the daytime with not a cloud in site.
We have spent our first few days just seeing the neighbours, sleeping (more like passing out), taking a little trip to Yeppoon and just trying to get into the rhythm here. While this seems to be working for tom, I am currently sitting here wide awake for the 2nd morning in a row at 5:30am...

Some of the benefits at Singapore airport - Free foot massages! Of course we took good advantage of these!

The first sunrise I have seen for probably 15 years. Quite magical actually, and didn't realise the luxury I grew up in. These photos are taken from my parents driveway.

And of course, beautiful princess Bessy (with her tennis ball)!

One last note, first thing I noticed here is the silence. Feels incredibly eery at night, but once the sun starts coming up, the birds all start screeching and I feel at home again with plenty of noise!

A special thanks to Katchia for calling around yesterday, so unexpectedly! We are heading over to Yeppoon together today to visit friends, and I look forward to it!

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