Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me?

The Willem Herreynsstraat is coming to the end of an era... The beautiful trees which have lined our street for many a year (apparently) are to be chopped down tomorrow. As you may see, we live in one of those rare streets where the houses are all nicely shaded by the huge amounts of foliage these trees provide with a lovely canopy to drive/ride under.

BUT - they can be a nuisance to some of the residence come winter time - the more beautiful green leaves in the summer means the knee deep redish/brownish slushy mess come autumn/winter. Not to mention our letter boxes starting to jump out of the ground due to hazardous roots. So apparently the Edegem shire has decided to knock all of these trees down and put up piddly little new ones instead.

Although I should be happy (that the other residents will be able to wipe the sweat from their brows from the fear they had from the approaching roots to their foundations), I couldnt help but think that the most beautiful (yet overused by stinking rich 4WD tennis mums) street in Edegem was losing its trademark.

So this blog goes to you, Willem Herreynsstraat. I will always remember your trees (sorry dad, i have no idea which sort they are) and the massas of leaves.

PS - was proud of the citrus marinated salmon I whipped up this evening, so decided it was worth a photo too!

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Kelly said...

I just had a food orgasm looking at that