Thursday, September 13, 2007

The news WE get from Australia

I had to laugh when I read that the chasers got up to some more mischief last week. It was actually on the front page of the train newspaper - and I recognised the dick head immediately from the chasers war. In case you were unlucky enough not to see what happened...

You can sometimes miss good aussie humour here!

Will post some pickies from London shortly.


Lyn said...

Yeah, Ingrid, apparently 2 1/2 million viewers tuned in this week as so much publicity and exposure had been given to this escapade. So many people had been outraged saying that the Chasers had gone too far this time. Frankly I thought they did the country a service by showing how weak the incredibly expensive security was. Oh yes, only the finale of "Seachage" had a larger audience for the ABC. So seems even though people were so called outraged, they must have secretly had a good laugh. The Chasers really pushed the boundaries for the rest of the show on Wednesday night obviously because they knew they were going to have a large audience. My hope is that they stay with the ABC and are not lured to the commercial network.

Ingrid and Tom said...

You really think they would stoop to that level?