Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I don't care about clever, I don't care about funny

Sometimes, I am sure all of us do it, I wake up and just think that life can be great. 

Today Emme left, leaving our apartment somewhat a little emptier and quieter, but I know she is moving on to bigger and better things, and now she is only a 2 hour train ride away as opposed to a 24 hour flight away.! I will miss her dearly, however, since our friendships seems to have blossomed a great deal over the past 3 months.

Mum left on Sunday, taking with her a heap of experiences through Belgium, Scotland, Ireland and Prague. While I can't post anything on here of her trips with Em, I will show some of the highlights of Prague...

This first one was quite eery and kinda summed up our entire experience of Prague: macabre (as mum so eloquently put it). Currently, the czech republic has been in the news with a great deal of focus on their sculptor/artist David Czerny. While he wasn't permitted to present his work during the communistic regime, he certainally has flourished since. If you look carefully, this first one looks like a man hanging from a window, and apparently hundreds of tourists notify 'authorities' every year about this guy. Wierd, but made us laugh!

This one is the astronomical clock located on the old city hall, and the little figurines on the sides dance (including one skeleton) for around 10 seconds every hour. Not sure why it is so important, but was quite nice.
Had to enclose another Czerny. Also wierd (very strong fascination with death, ghosts, myths etc). This one was just hanging in a shopping mall. Nice.
A little more less death orientated was our visit to the Dvorak hall to see the string section of Czech philharmonic playing some chamber music from Mozart and other composers, along with a concerto for Marimba with the most fascinating young Austrian performer. We paid next to nothing for our tickets, and had the most first class performance. Would highly recommend to anyone visiting (with a slight interest in classical music however!)

Mum and I went on two free walking tours through the city, and learnt more than we could have from the lonely planet. Were very content with our guide, and whilst it was FREEZING cold (-11°C), I thoroughly enjoyed what the city had to offer.

Next (after Tom has finished his exams: 2 to go...) - onto London, maybe back to the Netherlands, then Vienna, then home. Let's just hope that the histogenex bonus is healthy enough to support our indulgent habit...!

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