Friday, February 06, 2009

Lay where you're laying, don't make a sound

Triple J's hottest 100 has once again zoomed by, reminding me of what I am missing: barbecue in scorching heat, radio blasting, time with aussie friends somewhere. BUT, this year wasnt too bad for Australia day.

We stayed with Kym and Benj for their last weekend in London (for the time being), partied a night away with a lot of aussies, and caught up with Evan on Australia day itself.

I was slightly disappointed to hear that Kings of Leon 'sex on fire' was the winner: While I dont mind the song, I don't particularly believe that it blew the rest away. But, being so far away, I have no idea what the radio plays at home (although, was quite nicely surprised to see that some great aussie stuff was up there in the top 10, along with my personal faves, MGMT).

This week has brought some agitated anticipation, along with the dreaded influenza (or one of his nasty cousins). Whilst tom is not-so-patiently waiting for his exam results (he has 2 of the 5), he became bed-ridden on Sunday, only to rise yesterday (when I started to experience some dizziness and interesting rattling noises).

So, in my jarmies, I decided to watch Michael Moore's 'Sicko'. Although I am not a real fan of his extremist, black and white documentary style, it once again made me appreciate where I live! I hope Australia isn't still turning into America, and have my fingers crossed that Ruddy is at least attempting to socialise Oz, just a wee bit more. It is fantastic to live in a country where you can go into the emergency department, have a broken arm, require surgery, and numerous visits - all for free - no matter how rich or poor! I am looking forward to the top notch medical care, free gynae appointments and ultrasounds, free physio and 6 months off paid when I get around to having a child. Free dentist too. Oh, and the government want to give me 3 extra days for our wedding. Thank god/allah/buddah that I am not an American. BUT, admittedly, it is very easy to be caught up in Michael Moore. Need to watch it with a huge amount of salt...

Have had a pretty good winter here. Not as bad as last year, but am thinking that the snow, plus the presence of family had a great deal to do with that. Both Tom and myself are already anticipating the summer here. I must sound like a broken record, but there really is nothing as magical as it (probably due to the stark contrast with the winter months, plus the presence of my work bonus, enabling us to live life a little more indulgently!).

Those of you who actually read our little blog, be sure to keep the 12th of September free - if you are in Belgium, my parents in law will be throwing our wedding for those of you who cannot make it to oz. 


mick en lies said...

I am sure you are not missing the scorching heat we are experiencing today (together with gusty winds, it feels like your being blow-dried with a huge dryer). But then this is in Melbourne, not sure how it is in Queensland right now - apart from the flooding rains.
Anyway, enjoy the end of winter and hoping you'll have a nice spring! Michael&Annelies

Kelly said...

Woo-hoo! We're coming with bells on (dress code)

Nick said...

hey - yeah the stone is a bugger - god knows when it'll go.

Doing the Health Economics Masters still - 12 months to go still after having a year off.

Congratulations on the engagement (very belated)!!