Thursday, February 16, 2006

So you dunno where you're going, but you wanna talk

No interesting photos this time... just the dilemma of the fading winter and ridiculously long autumn. I dont know how we will be able to stay here for another 3 Winter/Autumn times... it is funny - I know copious amounts of research have been directed towards European weather, and depression, but I dont actually know the results. Could they be linked? I was thinking this over yesterday, and actually, despite it appearing the obvious answer, I remember coming across several people in Australia who suffer or had suffered manic or chronic depression. So I am lead to believe that there is some other factor... but as I look outside, at a grey, 5°C day, not knowing weather it will snow later, or reach 15°C, I cant help but look forward to some stability in temperatures. For some reason, despite being a generally happy person, with an extroverted character, in the winter time, I become a timid mole, too afraid to talk to anybody. And, I dont think I am alone. Its days like these, that I come to work, do my thing, and wonder, is this all there is (to life?) - cant be.
Brain thinking too much...better down some wine after work today...

But, dont worry, if it is sunny tomorrow, I will forget all my troubles and get on with life!

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sylvia pershouse said...

G'Day Ingrid (sorry, Tom - haven't met you yet)~
Have just checked out your site (and most recent news)- very impressed by your creativity and "know-how". Cold, wet, miserable weather is the pits to deal with day after day, week after week - I sympathise. Many years ago (experiencing a bone-chilling winter in Canada), I had recurrent dreams about sun, surf and coatless,long-johnless winters. Took it as a sign that it was time for me to go home. Mind you, Spring in Europe is far more spectacular (and oh, so life-savingly welcome)than it is here in sub-tropical QLD.
Love from Sylvia (Pershouse)