Sunday, February 19, 2006

Turning, away from the light

Well it is finally Sunday, after a crazy, full week. I am just about to head down to watch Tom's soccer team play one of the last games of the season, and no doubt stay and drink all the wine the team has bought me (at €1 per glass, you cant really go wrong, especially in a country without cask wine!). Yesterday we aged a few years while we put our first ever offer on an appartment. It is bound to be rejected, but there's no harm in trying hey? And if we get it, there will be absolutely no excuse for no Australian visitors, because we will actually finally have 2(ish) bedrooms. But, haven't actually bought it yet, so will just have to sit tight for the time being.

Aside from this, not much else has happened this week. I passed my level 2 Dutch exam (have no idea how), so now I am enrolled and eager to begin level 3. By June, apparently I should be nearly fluent. But, let's just see. By June, the weather also takes a drastic turn to bettersville, hence causing longer stays on cafe terras' enjoying many a pastis with a view of the river in sunlight until 10pm. So perhaps the rate of my learning may just drop a smidgen...

And there is another reason for this... Happy Birthday Therese! Sorry no phonecall - made the mistake of calling Emme for her birthday at 5:30am, quite inebriated from a ridiculously expensive dinner at the classiest restaurant we could find (celebrating my level 2 victory). I didnt think that such an early wake-up-call would be appropriate for someone not in my immediate family!

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Emmelena Christiansen said...

Oh I loved the phone call!!! Mah whats the difference between 5:30am and any other time when you are asleep, even if it did take you 2 times to call before i eventually even realised there was a phone singing right beside my head and answered still unaware of what the hell was going on until I heard Tom shout "Emenemenemenem!!!!!!!!! In that spastic drunken voice :) Anyway congrats on your language course!!!! Well done missy moo!!!