Sunday, February 12, 2006

Your Shoulders are frozen (cold as the night)

Well, finally I have come to posting some more photos (of recent)!! Still coming to date with the 21st century and using photo-websites... havent quite got that down to a fine art yet!
These are some pickys of in and around Pest (one side of the Danube in Budapest - interestingly, the other side is called Buda). Pest is the poorer side, but very different in a good way (and excruciatingly cold). The heated springs (both real and artificial) seemed to be scattered everywhere, with people using them in their lunch-breaks from work. We even had a group of old men sitting in the large spring we were in, playing chess for hours. Hope they left for a pee...
The other photo is a typical mode of transportation - a bit more of a novelty for Tom than for me - I am used to seeing student bombs all over Australia, but in this part of the world, nobody owns a car older than 10 years old! So, Tom was excited to see these old things everywhere!

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