Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, my delicious beau

Nothing like a bad birthday joke to greet you on your birthday...

Birthday Present
A wife decides to take her husband to a strip club for his birthday. They arrive at the club and the doorman says, "Hey, Dave! How ya doin'?"His wife is puzzled and asks if he's been to this club before. "Oh, no," says Dave. "He's on my bowling team. "When they are seated, a waitress asks Dave if he'd like his usual and brings over a Budweiser. His wife is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and says,"How did she know that you drink Budweiser?""She's in the Ladies' Bowling League, honey. We share lanes with them. "A stripper then comes over to their table, throws her arms around Dave, and says "Hi Davey. Want your usual table dance, big boy?"Dave's wife, now furious, grabs her purse and storms out of the club. Dave follows and spots her getting into a cab. Before she can slam the door, he jumps in beside her. He tries desperately to explain how the stripper must have mistaken him for someone else, but his wife is having none of it. She is screaming at him at the top of her lungs, calling him every name in the book. The cabby turns his head and says, "Looks like you picked up a real bitch tonight, Dave."

Hope you have a lovely day, and am looking forward to your surprise tonight... (for all you dirty people out there, it doesnt involve any nudity, and if it did, it is merely for comfort reasons... it has been 35°+ the past few days, so you can imagine how sexy everybody feels...


Nick said...

Happy birthday Tom!

Tim'n'Tash said...

Happy birthday, Tom! We've already got you a present that we'll give to you in August. Hope you had a great day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tom!!
Hope you had a great day and the Surprise was lovely.. what ever it was :0)
Cheers & Love from Melbourne Australie,
Kels xxx

Emme said...

Hey Tommy,

Sorry didnt know it was your bday, should have remembered since I had to share the day with you last year :) But hope you had a fantastic time.

Miss Emme