Friday, July 28, 2006

Whats that coming over the hill... is it a monster,

One of the most overplayed songs ever on Studio Brussel - but I am in love with this song (by automatic) as well as doop doop by Cassius. If any of you is a music fan, and triple j arent playing these, be sure to buy one of these cds!. yes, I may be a little drunk, but am having a good time!
Have been feeling a little homesick lately - so I decided to invide a couple of my colleagues (literally a couple - just 2!) out for a strong drink of sangria or 2 and now I am quite happily intoxicated and writing on the internet - quite a lethal combination!

Now everyone is talking about downloading (in dutch) and i cant be bothered following so i am communicating to my best friends in the world. I decide d to call my sister tonight, but my credit ran out within a couple of minutes an I regret that entirely. Sorry Emme.

Tom has about 4 weeks left to work and I am starting to worry a little (about the luxury items we have been living with) but apart from that I am actually excited; plus the factt that my great aussie mates tim and tash are on their way to visit me and give me a bit of aussiness within 3 weeks, and kym and benj are joining us for christmas gives me a lot of relief.

anyway - apart from several weeks with absolutely no sleep (actually, i am exaggerating here - but it is summer here and we do go out every night), things are going ok except for when I think about home. dad, we are considering coming home this time next year... especially me - just need more aussieisms at this time.

Better go and be social. Hope everyone is behaving and I love you all (yes, the wine and sangria are talking!). Shanelle and Pete, best of luck with Mount fuji (or Fujiyama if I remember correctly). I bet it will be breathtaking and definitely worth all pain that it will put you through.

Goeie avond iedereen, tot de volgende keer


shanelle & pete said...

Thanks Ingrid. The Japanese actually call it Fuji San. The whole respect thing.

Know how you feel about feeling a bit homesick, you've been away longer though. But here it has something to do with the fact that it's so hot and there's no relief. No pool, no beer, no balcony, no beach.

Take care.

Love Shanelle

PS. Does this mean you'll be home for our wedding?

Ingrid and Tom said...

thats the plan. Just give us the dates etc. Mum and dad are doing a cruisy thing with their old friends (and when I say old, there are 2 meanings...) around the whitsundays in july next year, so I think that if we are there and heading north anyway... better come to the wedding.
Will let you know more when we know.

PS. 3rd day with too much alcohol here - it is impossible to escape.

Ingrid and Tom said...

If any of you thought the blog was funny, you should have seen Ingrid's face the next morning. If her head felt the same as her face looked, she must have felt horrible.

Anonymous said...

Tom guess you woke up to a shock then... Or maybe not so, given it's not the first time our Inge's had a big night.
Inge we miss you too. When you're down remember, Australia will always be here, so there's no rush, just keep carrying about in your Aussie way & appreciating the little things in life. Or try my trick, when I'm down or just want to start the day or evening happy, I wear glitter/sparkle on my face. Gosh.. just realised I'm writing a book here.
Love You, Kel x