Sunday, December 17, 2006

All the freaky people make the beauty of the world

Last night, was our first concert this week... and we saw Michael Franti with Spearhead. (We are going to Muse on Tuesday night, but there will be another installment after that).

It was one of the nicest concerts I have seen. In my favourite hall in Belgium (Ancienne Belgique) which holds around 2000 people (unlike when we saw Robbie Williams - that one holds a good 20,000 or more...) so it was nice and cozy. He is such an inspirational peace-maker and his music oozes positivity. You can't help but smile and dance along - even to the numbers which haven't been released yet. And he played non-stop for 2,5 hours, and I didnt realise it until it was over.

So, we went with Maarten (Tom's travelling-to-Australia partner) and Maarten's brother Jurgen (another Flemish name I have troubles pronouncing). After the concert, we decided to take a little stroll to the Grande Plaza of Brussels, considering the effort they put into everything at chrismas time, and it was quite lovely (despite being packed with people at midnight...)

Later, Maarten was due to pick up Bie (his girlfriend) from her work christmas party, so we drove off to one of the classiest hotels in Brussels (in our jeans and warm coats) and arrived at her party, which just happened to have a glamour hollywood theme. So, we kinda stood out a little, but lucky for us, it was already way past midnight, and most of her colleagues (and herself included) were past the proverbial point of no return, and welcomed us with open arms! It was a little odd at first, but after we noticed the free wine, we were quickly in spirit. I also managed to stumble across a relatively still full dessert bar, so after 2 chocolate mousse's, and 3 wines, we were also quickly in the spirit. Pity the DJ was someone who clearly went to Yeppoon High in the early 90s. I swear that was the last time I heard 'Cotton Eyed Joe' and a dancing function. And he spat out all of the wrong numbers, and I clearly wasn't drunk enough to appreciate the humour. But, we boogied our bums off for an hour or so, before heading home.

So it was overall a night which we had not expected, but definitely enjoyed!!

Tom, Jurgen, Bie and Maarten

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Kelly said...

That's completely cool! Sounds like fun and great to see a pic of the boys. I went to Robbie Williams within a day of you writing this Blog entry! He was great, my first big concert too :0) and 2.25hrs worth that was good.
Love kel x