Saturday, December 02, 2006

Blood Sugar Baby, She's crazy....

Today, I decided to be a good little housewifey, and make some soups for the winter... Have already experienced zucchini and watercress soup (very refreshing) and tomato and scampi (shrimpy prawny things) soup. So, today at Tom's request, decided for a creamy tomato soup (to be followed by a mushroom soup). Being the adventurer I am (erhem), I found a recipe on the internet for a creamy tomato soup 'with bite'. So I trundled Gust off to the supermarket, bought all necessary ingredients - including about 50 hot chillies (because apparently, you cant just buy one) and putted back home again. Managed to chop up 1 kg of tomatoes, and blend them without a hitch, but then came chilly time. I have learnt from experience that the seed is the strongest part of the chilly, so I carefully carved these little mongrels out, and chopped the chilly finely. Somewhere along the line, between adding the chilly to the tomato and having an itch which wouldn't go away, I though I would just scratch my moustache region (for want of an anatomically correct name...)

BAAAAAAD move. First it was a little irritated, then shortly later, the pain was incredible! I thought, okay you idiot, just get some ice out of the freezer and put it on the area. Well the ice melted in about 10 seconds (yes, it is winter here as well...) so that plan didn't work. I then washed my hands for about 2 minutes, to make sure there was no residual pain causing chilly hidden in an invisible crevass or in the grooves of my fingerprints. By this stage, the pain was almost unbearable, and I started crying. Next resort - call mum. So, at 11pm, hoping my old rocking parents would be still partying, I decided to give them a bell. Seems that Saturday nights, are now for the bed only, because I woke poor mum up (dad must have had enough red to keep him snoring through), and she didnt know what to do. Next... try Emme. No answer either. BUGGER! What the hell do you do?? So, as my absolute last resort, I googled 'hot chilly burn pain' and was given a remedy!

So for any of you who are as clever as me, if you ever burn yourself on hot chilly, wash the region thoroughly with soapy water, then rub vegetable oil into the 'wound'. But, if like me you don't have vegetable oil, olive oil (extra virgin) also seems to work quite well. Now, I have lovely red Angelina Jolie lips (and they are shiny too...)


Kelly said...

Nice One Inge.. I'll keep this in mind.. And the soup turned out good?
K xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey! Have been trying to leave a stupid message here and it won't let me... whinge!!!!

Hear: Birthday song
See: Katchia semi naked jumping out of a cake.

Love you lots, babe.
Don't have your phone number to call you, so I'll send you an emo instead.