Saturday, January 13, 2007

Our whole lives drinking strawberry wine together

Back at work again... quite an uneventful week with one (not so exciting) exception...
I have decided to continue studying enrolling in a postgrad course in Human Ecology. Dunno how we will manage having 2 mature aged students here, but the opportunity couldn't be passed up when the course fees are so affordable.

Also, the tickets are booked for our return trip to Australia, with QANTAS (with lots of yummy frequent flyer points, I hope), so we are officially heading back for a month between 11th July and 11th August (ish) - yes, in time for winter! Not that I feel too daunted by this! The only thing worrying Tom is our trip to Tassy - apparently it is cold there, and considering his BMI is somewhere around 18, he has nothing to keep his internal organs warm unless he walks around with a doona. Don't know how he grew up in western Europe...

I have enclosed a picky of my uni class. We had a little christmas party in December - and everyone attempted to bring something from their own country - I had to turn up with just crackers - no vegemite at that stage. But my Slovakian friend rolled up with about 20 cans of 14% beer, so she was the winner that day!

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