Sunday, January 14, 2007

Words, they just get in the way

Just another update - and my Inge-isms for the weekend.

Decided to run out and do a few errands while Tom dove head first into the studying again today. So, I started up Gust, headed off to Kontich, and realised that I left the bankcard at home. So, Inge-ism number one was happily fixed with a u-turn and a trip back to a cranky Tom. I make it to the DIY store to buy a jack for something or other, plus batteries and a mosey around in my sexy knee high boots with the sweaty, working dads and make my purchase and head off to the next store. Only to get lost in some back street somewhere. Gust had his little indicator on the 'E' sign (which in my old language, stood for 'Enough', but on a Sunday in a little village, represented something more like 'Eeeeek - I am soooo thirsty - feed me VERY soon') and I was pretty anxious, so I decided to call Tom and tell him I was lost and somehow he was supposed to help me - Inge-ism number 2. Eventually, I found my way out, and to the Belgian equivalent of a 7-11. There, I picked up some water and necessities, made it through the check-out, and what I thought was the exit. Little did I know that this was the emergency exit, which for some stupid reason was linked to an alarm which awakened the entire population of Belgium. So while I turned a firey tint of scarlett, I waited until the nice man turned off the alarm (which seemed to take an AGE) and told me which doors I could use, and I departed with my tail very firmy between my legs and an applause from the other customers. Inge-ism number 3.

So there you go - another day in the life of me. Aren't you all just SOOOOOO envious?!

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