Thursday, January 04, 2007

A very merry new year

It seems that it has been almost a month since I have managed to update the blog, so here goes... maybe there will be a few entries, but will do my best to update on everything since december 18th 2006.

So, on the 18th of December, we trundled off to the Sportpaleis in Antwerpen to see one of the groups I have been waiting 2 years to see: Muse. Some may argue that they are too bombastic (with enough reason to mind you) but there is something about Matt Belamy that I just can't put my finger on. He uses classical elements in all of his songs, just completely rocked up and it sounds so pure. But considering my not-so-towering height, and being in the middle of millions of tall teenage smokers (in a non-smoking venue...) I had a little claustrophobia and made my way up to the back of the hall and had a much better view from there. Loved the concert, but still rate Depeche Mode and Michael Franti a little higher still.

Then comes the 22nd of December - the arrival of my Aussie mates Kym and Benj (incidently we went back for their wedding last year in August) to spend Christmas and ultimately New Years together before their journey to London to work for a while.

They managed to trod around Antwerp, Brugge and Brussels, and have expressed their intention to come back in the summer to see Ypre and Amsterdam as well as possibly a boat cruise somewhere! Look forward to having them stay again - wonderful to have Aussie guests (except Tim and Tash - you guys are always getting us drunk!!)

During their stay, my dear friend Stefanie gave birth to an awfully huge son (4860g, 55cm - in Aussie terms, I think that he was around 9,5 pounds...) and has adopted the mother feeling which she was afraid she wouldnt develop. But I have had all the news you don't normally hear so my eyes have been opened a little to the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and childbirth. So I have included some of the 'After-shots' with mama and papa and little (or big?) Willem.

On the 30th of December, Kym Benj and myself hopped on an aeroplane and flew ourselves over to Edinburgh. But will write another blog later and update the course of events there.

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