Wednesday, February 28, 2007

One night to be confused, one night to speed up truth

Just when I decide to write about the weekend - I realise that it is already half way through the week... why does time just continue to fall into a continuüm where I feel like I'm constantly behind? Don't worry - it isn't one of those complaining type messages... just a touch on philosophy while I get on with it...

We started out the weekend with cooking a dinner for Annemie and Hans (since we have eaten enough of their food in the past...) - thanks once again Kelly for your recipe for squidgy chocolate cake - we can never keep it more than 24 hours! Soooo absolutely delicious! So, I had a good cooking effort, followed by a shocking clean-up - but all was worth it. Am getting into the board-game atmosphere too...(instead of the good ol' days of going for a good boogie)!

Saturday took us to Michael and Annelies' - my Australian comrad here (one of the only countries we haven't taken over in droves...) who is now returning with his fiancée to Melbourne. So we went to see them before they head off - I really hope to see you both again once we finally head back! Then Tom will have a Belgian comrad (something I think he missed a little in oz).

Then, Sunday took us on 'baby-bezoek' (baby visit) to Stef and Koen (and Willemtje of course!) - so while Tom nursed Willem for most of the morning, I was able to inform Stef on all gossip, and everything went harmoniusly (for once...). Poor Gust was suffering though... on those fast roads, with a split in the muffler, everyone in Belgium could hear us coming! Nevertheless, we reached our destination, without too much smoke.

Yesterday, I visited another colleague who had just given birth (baby named Mette - quite nice and unique...) - so counting Annemie, that is 3 colleagues with babies (even if one is still incubating). If I count Kelly Chan, that is 4... Something is definitely in this european water - good thing I drink wine instead eh?!

PS Gust has officially left our lives - we expect to hold a ceremony for him once the insurance money comes through. So - goodbye lovely old man. Pretty soon though, Gust twee comes into our lives... stay tuned!

PPS - just a link below for what has happened on this side of the world today...
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