Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yes, more snow

I know there have already been some photos of snow on the blog, but this is the most I have seen here in Belgium since I arrived 2,5 years ago. We had enough beautiful white powder to even allow the local children to drag their parents' old sleighs out of the their attics and drag eachother down the street! I was just happy to be home on 'study-leave' so I could lay in my bed and marvel at a form of weather which I am afraid will no longer exist when my children are my age (well at least in this part of the world).

News this week... a very dear friend of mine (Kelly Chan) gave birth to a healthy little boy - Kaemon - on Monday. So I look forward to taking the trip back up to Nijmegen in the very near future and visiting their new little bundle! I have seen so many photos already, and believe that if only this feeling of pure elation and ecstasy could be extended and felt by everyone, then there really would be less reason for anger, jealousy, bitterness and pure hatred. How I read this from baby photos, I don't know...

And, I have finally finshished my advanced Netherlands course at university... still awaiting results though. But overall am pretty chuffed that I have a second language - almost fluently (there is ALWAYS room for a great deal of improvement!).

No particularly entertaining stories this week! Until next time, my loyal readers xxx


Kelly said...

So What happened to Beer Man and Wino huh!??! I liked that! :0)
..Moving on... WOW I love the pics, looks just beautiful.
Stop #3:-Congrats Inge on your Nederlands course!
(Point 4 news from Melb)** I scored a second lead role in the same musical yesterday WOO HOO, and I'm looking forward to a wonderful Valentines day {sighh}.. xxx

Lyn said...

Yeah, like the new format. Does the quote of the day change automatically each day and do you know who George Elliot is? I do.
Read much of Nick's blog last night plus the comments. Am impressed. Dad says he's been expressing these opinions for the past 40 + years.