Monday, June 12, 2006

It's Raining Hombré

Another jam-packed weekend, with little time for anything in our poor run-down apartment! With the temperatures soaring above 30°C, the parties and festivities are everywhere, with us tagging along... Friday night found me sharing a few drinks with some colleagues, until around 10pm, while Tom was having a kick around with some friends (yes, World Cup fever has hit hard here...) and I biked my way home, in broad daylight around 10pm, nicely fueled up with the aid of red wine. Arrived home alone at half past ten, still ready to party, so polished off some of the Vodka we store for special occaisions. Then camped myself up for the gay-party in the park (about 10 crawling paces from our front door). Tom came home, had a quick shower, I hoarsely babbled on about nothing to Phillippe (our inviter) and we headed out. We caught the last half hourish of the 'show' which I wasnt at all prepared for! I had no idea there would be a tranny show with ladies with boobs and beards singing cliché gay songs in Spanish. I dont think you have really lived until you have seen 'It's raining men', and 'Im walking on Sunshine' by men in a dress! What a show!

Shortly later, (because I stupidly started drinking water due to the heat), I had my dip. Stupid, stupid woman!! So, then sneezed myself home (allergies were also rampant!) and decided that I needed to tell someone about the fun night I had just had. Lucky for Emme, she didnt pick up, but my poor mother did! Sorry mum!!

Saturday, we were to play Squash at 8.30am - I chose the path more suited to me, and sprawled myself out in bed - trying to ensure minimum sheet touchage to ensure minimum sweat, while Tom did the saintly thing and went to squash! Silly man!!

Then Sunday, sweatily rode to a barbecue - 10-15km away - now have a beautiful tan line across my front, from the handbag I was holding! I call it my stylish stripe.

So that was it - need to cram studying for the remaining few days before my exam on Thursday (and have Robbie williams to see tomorrow night....)

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shanelle & pete said...

Hey Ingridu

Sounds like you guys are making the most of being out of hibernation! We've been having some lovely weather, although not quite that hot yet!

I can completely relate to the whole bike riding thing sober, drunk, handbags, umbrellas ect! Who'd have thought at this age we'd still be getting around on our deadly treadlies?

Take care and thanks for your note on our blog!