Sunday, June 04, 2006

Smiling, with your mouth to the ocean

Yes, another weekend awaits us here in Belgium (only a couple more to go this year!) - and it has started out with too much crying. My colleagues and I attended the funeral of the son of one of my bosses, and I couldnt hold back once they started playing music. I never wish to see my colleagues and bosses crying together again.

But, the rest of the weekend is yet to come. Tom is busy playing Korfbal (dont even ask what this is - only Belgians and Dutchmen understand it!) all day while the mother in law and I go shopping for some furniture. This can only end up being a long, expensive exercise, but for some strange reason, I still get some sort of pleasure out of it!

Nothing else really to say at this point in time - just thought I would update and let you know that everything is fine.

One final thing for my little sister: am a little baffled about your decision, but hope everything is fine. xxx

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Emme said...

not my decision