Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Hi all - have arrived safe and sound in Portugal and are making the most of the warm lifestyle! Have seen some of the most beautiful scenery in my life - right in the top of the country, between the spanish border and Braga (where we are right now). We are heading off to the sea tonight and camping there for 2 nights before heading a little south to Porto for its national hammer festival on the 23rd of June.

Have already encountered crazy Portugese drivers, and put our non-existent Portugese to the test, but am simply loving everything else.

Craziness in the town sqare qt the moment - Portugal Vs Mexico, and the entire city is watching it - all in appropriate attire! Quite a site!

But, we are off to another castley thing now, so will update more later. Just one word to elaborate on from last night... Port (and actually another word - hospitality!)

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Emme said...


YIPPEE We arre though!!!!
World cup fever is hitting hard here too!!! Got to work by 4:15 am this morning as some of the guys had set up a big screen to watch the game. Great atmosphere and a great game!

Nice to hear you enjoyed you holiday.