Saturday, May 26, 2007

Get out of bed, pick up the phone, time to tell the press

Quite a notable absence - yes I know! Doesn't really help that our internet provider decided to do some work in our neighbourhood, and change some details without us knowing. But, we are back on track now and ready to update the last two, not-so-eventful weeks!

I suppose the highlight of this week involved tom making spaghetti bol with a twist... On my birthday, my parents-in-law bought me some delicious oils and vinegars in a set, and although these weren't labelled, it was quite clear to me (via the use of my olfactories) which was which. Tom didn't realise that the proven├žal oil had run out, as so had the wok oil, leaving raspberry vinegar. So, thinking this was also oil, he seasoned the pan with the raspberry vinegar (thinking it was oil) then threw in the mince, herbs and the rest of the bol ingredients. I came into the kitchen somewhat later and thought that something was wrong with the meat, but didn't comment until later when I noticed that the bottle which formerly held the raspberry vinegar was now empty. Only then did he realise his boo-boo. The spag bol was ok, but there has been a lesson learnt here...!

Philippe became an uncle/god father this week - the third child for philippe and jan! Gay people must be attractive to give as godparents - surely they won't have their own!! Congrats philippe!

Received my invitation for the school reunion as well. After much arranging, and sorting out dates, plus some crap planning on my behalf, I discovered that I was a matter of a day too late letting the organisers know that I could indeed make it on a particular date, only to discover that the date had been changed to 2 weeks after I leave Australia. So girls and boys - considering I wasn't originally too phased whether or not to go, I was surprisingly cut up about it this week. I considered throwing a barbecue while I was back in Australia, but then thought that it would be stupid to invite everyone back to Rocky for one weekend, when they have to come back for the reunion 2 weeks later anyway...

It is funny - I know I will offend people with this, and if I do, this is not the intention, just a passing thought: When you move to another country, another lifestyle/culture, you regard your friends from 'home' higher than anyone you meet while you are away: They know you, have seen you grow up, go through all sorts of changes, crushes, first-times etc. But, this isn't fair on anyone - not on the old friends or the new ones. I have come to realise that I am not as important to my friends back in Australia as I thought I was, (as they are probably not as important to me), the world does not revolve around me, and that I should be more open with my new friends because who knows what could happen tomorrow.? I still love all of my friends from school so dearly, and look forward to catching up with whomever I can, again, but will attempt to feel less jealous when they are all together without me.

So, no hard feelings anyone. Have a drink or two for me, and I may see some of you again soon


Kelly said...

I completely understand Inge. It is dissapointing for you.
Please know that those of us there will be speaking of you, and thinking of you. I guess this time it wasn't meant to be, but there will be other more special reunions (weddings!?? :) that we will share in the future. I promise you that.
x k x

Ingrid and Tom said...

Oh kel, I will always be grateful that such a precious person as yourself has shared an important part of life with me! You don't need to reassure me though! I know that there will be mention of me (as well as the many others who will not be able to be there) and despite the tone of my message having a bitterness to it, it was more directed to myself than anyone else.

Thanks anyway, beutiful!

Chanchita said...

I love you Ingridu!!!!

You and your texta coloured nipples!