Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Efteling

Today was our outing to De Efteling (I imagine Holland's equivalent of Disneyland) and I have to say that it was quite lovely.

For once, I wasnt overly pissed at the amount of people pushing prams (considering it is a park more for kids than adults this certainally would have been a bit trollish on my behalf). We started the day getting lost in Holland (missing the exit and doing a 60km detour... grrrr) but once we arrived it was as though we were in some sort of surreal wonderland. Instead of disney characters polluting the scenery, it had more a gnome/mushroom sort of vibe (suiting the forrest setting). De efteling is actually a sprookjes park (based on fairy-tale characters) so there was a lot of imagination involved with all of the attractions - we were there with Tom, Nita and Natalie and even though Natalie is only 17 months, she too could get involved with some of the activities. Of course we left her with her daddy when we wanted to ride the roller coasters... Note to self - waiting for one hour for a 1 minute ride is not as appealing as it was in highschool...

Have incuded a few happy snaps from the internet (we stupidly forgot our camera) - one I found particularly cute was the picture of the fat man - or if you look closer - a glorified rubbish bin. He periodically says 'papier hier' (I dont think a translation is necessary) and when you feed him, he munches it up then farts. All sorts of these were placed thoughout the park and kids were actually looking for garbage just to hear the strange noises they made!

Better sign off - Liverpool and Chelsea are playing and although I really dont have that much interest, I fear that the rest of my evening depends on the outcome of this game! (In case you're not sure - if chelsea wins, I certainally won't)

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