Monday, May 14, 2007

Molitva - winner of eurovision

As the title suggests to any fluent Serbian, 'Prayer' is the English translation to the winning number for the weekends 'event of the year' in the gay calendar.

Quite a dramatic performance - but definitely worth the spectacle! For the 2nd year running, Tom and I won the 'local' eurovision contest - last year picking up a toilet roll holder containing a radio and a vase, and this year a chess/drafts set with shot-glasses as playing pieces. All about class. Thanks Philippe.

Speaking of which - I am not allowed to write anymore without mentioning that Kym, Benj, Tom, Philippe, Dave and I went to the football (Germinal Beerschot Vs Circla Brugge) to witness a lot of lovely boys kicking a ball around. Beerschot won 1-0 (but apparently played like crap) - Kym and I were more interested in the captain (Cruz) and star striker (Sterchele - dont know how to spell it!). Mmmmmmm!

So there you are philippe! You predicted my next blog to a 'T'! Look forward to Eurovision 2008 - perhaps Flanders will make it amonst the 'eastovision' countries (which seem to make up the bulk of the entries...)!


Lyn said...

Yeah, we plebs from downunder actually have heard 'Prayer' sung on radio and knew the Serbian entry won the Eurovision song contest. We have something better!!!!!!!!??????????? 'It Takes Two' is an excuse for entertainment whereby a celebrity(?) learns to sing with a competent performer and then sings week by week and is judged. Oh! Spare me!! A singing version of 'Dancing With the Stars'. I can't wait until someone with some form of creativity produces programs that are not reality tv!!

Kelly said...

Hey hey That was cool to be able to see! Cheers Big Ears,
Love x k x