Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Look at the stars, look how they shine for you

Back to some politics. Elections are looming (again? I hear you ask!) - this time its the big time: The feds - so I will have two elections this year (plus, not to mention the exciting coverage of the US shortly after...) to follow. Currently, Belgium is led by a 'purple' government: a coalition between the socialists (which are strangely enough coloured red) and the liberals (not to be compared with the so-called liberals they have in Australia - coloured blue). Interestingly, there are more than 2 political parties in this country (yes, more than 2) which makes politics a total other ballgame than the 2 major right-of-centre parties we are confronted with in Australia (yes, there are others, but lets be honest - the day that the Greens finally take over, it will be snowing in Emu Park). If you even know something remotely about me, you will have probably picked up that I am somewhere in the realm of a khaki voter (can't think of another colour to resemble a mix between red and green) so it drives me bananas to see the stupidity of the extreme right parties here....

Let me explain! Last year, the provincial (like state) elections were held, and in Antwerp (not just a city, but a province as well) the socialists won, (no landslide however) with their biggest contenders being the absolute right, Vlaams Belang (Flemish Importance party. Ring any bells? Pauline?) I am a big fan of the mayor (I'm sure Tom also voted for him because they both back the same football club...) as he has campaigned using only positive reinforcement. Never complaining about the other parties, people, problems, rather promoting the beauty in an otherwise not so lovely province. One such campaign is the 'zonder haat straat':

Signs you could hang in your window, which look exactly the same as a street sign, with 'without hate street' written on them. Especially in Antwerp, where probably 10% of people are first or second generation Belgians, but still have a 'brown' appearance and constantly the butt of such hatred and racism, the signs are a nice gesture.

So, considering the Vlaams Belang contender did not become Mayor of Antwerp, he has decided to run in the federal elections to represent Antwerp. Why he thinks the public will vote for him now, I'm not sure... But, his latest campaign is: Wait for it... Zonder Jihad Straat (without Jihad street). You can imagine how people are reacting to this - especially since he hung the signs everywhere in the middle of the most multicultural suburb of Antwerp.

For more info...
Zonder Jihad Straat

10 Points to you, De Winter. I look forward to being sent home - oh that's right, I can stay because I'm not brown. At least I will be able to stay in your new country, Flanders (who needs that horrible French speaking lumpy part, which actually has some trees) and being a stay at home mum with my 5 children (because women are not meant to work).

And you think the brown people cause problems...

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