Monday, April 30, 2007

A fantabulous night to make romance 'neath the cover of october skies

Yes, humanity could be better, but at this moment in my life, I am happy and would like to relish in it before I start doubting this again.

This has been a long (super long) weekend for many a Belgian (myself included) as tomorrow (Tuesday) is Labour day and I chose to 'make the bridge' between the weekend and tuesday and 'profiteer'! The humans have begun turning their televisions off and stepping outside of their little houses since the sun has returned to this small part of the world, hence an excuse to catch up with all the friends/family (while the time permits). Saturday we ate until we were sick at a barbecue, yesterday we ate until we were sick at a restaurant with the family (including Pepe and Rosa), today I updated my wardrobe (despite the constant nagging thought that I actually didnt NEED any of the pretty clothes made in over-filled asian sweatshops probably sewn by toddlers) and tomorrow we are heading to an amusement park (Holland's equivalent to Disneyland but on a much smaller scale!).

Most importantly about today is that I had a wonderful time with a friend I have made on my own. Sad as it is, the older I am, the more difficult I have found to make friends. I am so grateful for my friends from highschool, university (namely those with the one-syllable names!) and working life in Australia - but 3 years into being in Belgium I have met a fellow 'dag/Belgian Inge' and feel so lucky!


Nick said...

strange isn't it. I'm back on home turf in brisbane, most old friends have moved elsewhere and I'm yet to make a new friend here. I don't think it is related to how I smell....

Ingrid and Tom said...

I actually thought it had something to do with the language barrier... so it almost frightens me that I may have to start from scratch again once we head back.