Monday, April 23, 2007

You think that I could muster up a little soft-shoe devil sway?

Another blog - so new photos to post!

Had another jam-packed weekend - home for about 2,5hours in total (just enough time to skype and get changed!). But before I mention anything else, I want to say that it was so wonderful to chat to 'miss piggy' again! I had almost forgotten how fantastic you are to chat to, and am so grateful that I have a friend like you! Cant wait to see you again when I am in town!

Moving on... Saturday I volunteerd to help the De Meyere children with a trash and treasure type market at their primary school. They made a grand total of €22,75 which was pretty good considering most of their old toys had a price tag of around 10c! I have just enclosed some pickies of the 'baby' from when I first started babysitting (actually, she was a little older than 1 in the first photo) and one from the weekend. She is growing way too quickly, but has turned into a little madame (my favourite is the frequent use of the word 'zot!' - meaning 'are you crazy?!)

After this, I had around half an hour to get changed into my sexiest naughty clothes (which turns out not to exist in my wardrobe - mental note to self to do some more shopping!) for a girls night out with Jake, Anatronic and the rest of the scissor sisters. Nathalie (one of my colleagues) discovered a pile of incredibly disco-style sunnies, so we decided to accessorise with these (as though we didnt look silly enough). After some miscommunication with busses, we walked 45 mins to the hall, danced for 2 hours, then attempted 45 minutes back to Hasselt. By this stage, my feet were in pure agony, so I took off my delicious FM boots, and walked to the city in my glowing-white sport socks (quite a look - thank god I was holding onto the camera!).

Crashed in bed somewhere before the time of the flatulating sparrow, and woke up on Sunday preparing for the 10miles of Antwerp. No, I had no motivation to run, but we cycled a good 30km yesterday and today my calves are killing me (not sure if this is a result of the heels/walking bare foot/cycling). In any case, I did some good calory burning, alongside Tom's dad who did run in the race (tom not, much to his huge disappointment - still probs with his knee...).

Next weekend is brunch with the Pepe... Time to replace all of the calories I burned this weekend!

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