Sunday, April 01, 2007

Weekend in Durbuy

The weekend is almost over, and we are back home just relaxing inside (which is absolutely stupid due to the fantastic weather outside...).

We took a drive to Durbuy (around an hour and a half from here) and attempted the ropes course - all 4 levels with some success! Although, at the end of the 4th level, we were struggling a little! Have included some pickies (and hopefully my video upload worked) and realise how deceptive they appear! We were actually 10 metres+ up in the trees...

After this, we made our way to Ciney and stayed in a restored farm house. We ended up eating a 4 course dinner, drinking ourselves silly (thanks to the locals) and crashing at quite an early hour! My only regret is that we cant do something like this every weekend.

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Ingrid and Tom said...

Ingrid forgot to mention that she finished the course ,which was 10 meters above the ground, without slipping up once! But not 1 minute after she put her feet down on the ground she fell flat on her bum!