Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Here comes the sun

Well one of those days where winter just takes your breath away (completely)! I think I am beginning to go crazy from the sun (or lack there of it). It snowed yesterday, and I didnt even notice. You get to work, and it's pitch black (well - black with a tinge of yucky red in the sky), and you leave at 4, and the sun is almost gone. I suppose, we could be living in Scandinavia, but there at least you see the snow! Here you get those lovely puddles which freeze, and you dont even notice them until your bum is sitting on top of one, with your feet nowhere to be seen, wondering what just happened.

Another strange Belgiumism... every morning, while sitting on the bus, I go past a cafè (actually, a pub which sells tea and coffee) which is open when i sail past at around 7:45am. Originally, I thought everyone there just had coffee on their way to work, but now at a closer glance, I can guarentee that there will be at least 10-15 people in there, every day, drinking pints. Now, while I am probing my eyes open with toothpicks so i dont miss my stop, these people are getting off their heads - dunno if its before work or after work, but maybe it is something i have to try!

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