Thursday, December 29, 2005

I do, I do

Well, I know I am jumping around a little, but here are some shots of our very brief (but worthwhile) trip back to Australia in August. My very dear friends, Kym and Ben married in so much style - all credit goes to you two! I think we will be lucky if we can throw together a beach barbecue!

The hens night was at a musical restaurant in a brazilian style with some extraordinary dances. We just sat there practically eating the meat off the bones from some poor animals while some ladies shook their tassles from their perfectly proportioned bodies and we could feel the fat adding to our wastelines. But, it was fun when the hen was forced to dance with a random stanger, and we briefly had her drinking out of a penis straw!

I am not sure what happened on the mens night out - something about the AFL and strippers, but that's Toms territory!

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