Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Just like everybody else does...

Well, for some reason, I cannot read my blogs from my computer, but I have seen that they possibly work on others, so I will keep typing anyway!

It was probably a better idea to create this 18 months ago, but now we intend on filling in the gaps when there is a quiet week (which happens a lot now that winter has hit here!). Will start with most recent vacation to Liverpool. Probably not the most flattering shot I have ever seen of us - but it is probably the most honest! We went out for birthday drinks with our beautiful hosts - Tim and Tash (who we see more over here than we ever did in Australia - ironic!), and by the time the birthday dinner came around, we had already had 3 nights of drinking/going out! It quite clearly shows around the eyes once you hit 25!! But, it was nice all the same, and the chocolate fondue we had at the end of the meal was nice too!

This was our 2nd trip to the land of the Beatles - we went in January as well, and did all of the touristy business, but of course, as you can tell by this photo of Penny Lane - the weather could have been a little nicer! But, that's England (and Belgium and half of Europe I guess!!). The Beatles magical mystery tour was a lot of fun, and we saw the houses where they all grew up, Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane, and the club they started off at.

As for this week - between christmas and new year 2005 - I am working - but preparing for our ski holiday on the 8th of January to Morzine in the French Alps. Christmas here was nice, but not home. No beach volleyball, no fight to get to the cold seafood pile on the middle of the table. No sweating, sitting around drinking beers. The traditional dish here is stew. I guess it keeps you warm when it is sub zero, but hmmm...! Dunno what we are doing for New Years yet!


Pam said...

Dear Ingrid and Tom

Well done! I have really enjoyed reading your Blog site. A belated Merry Christmas to you both and wishing you a very Happy New Year. We had the warm Christmas Day though the prawns and beer did help. Kel, Ros and Stace were all home with Daniel and Adam so a great family get together...a rarer and rarer occasion with Kel in Melbne and Stace and Adam in Cairns. In Europe that would be from Copenhagen to...?..Rome? Hard to comprehend. Great to see you both having such a great time. Enjoy and keep well. Love Pam xx

Dean & Therese Stock said...

Hi Ingrid and Tom

Great to see the both of you, was the father of the baby that you are holding the guy that came to Australia with you? Obviously not that shy after all....Dean said he is jealous that you get to travel and have cold chrissies...Adam hasn't seen this site but told me that he and Ben are going travelling in 2007 and are going to stay with you and Tom....youre sooooo lucky! Tom don't get any ideas about leading my boy astray...they seem interested in the fact that it is so close to Amsterdam....wonder what that means?!!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed new years
Love Therese and Dean