Friday, December 30, 2005

Ons hondje

Somedays I am so happy to be living here - today we woke up, and there is no point looking outside, because you cant see much, but when we stepped out of our front door to leave, we saw a lovely carpet of soft white snow. So, no white christmas, but a white new-years instead. I suppose I can settle for that! So, today is a lovely day. But other times, when it is so miserably cold, I long for the beach, and playing with Bessy. So at work, I use this picture as my desktop. I imagine the warmth that we felt in August in Australia, and know that's why we eventually will go back.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ingrid,

I can imagine that you miss the nice warmth of Australia especially this time of the year, but, dear Ingrid, I tried to compensate that by turning up the heather in my car however you are always the one who ask to turn it down again. So who is suffering here ??? By the way... very nice site
Big kiss