Monday, January 02, 2006

Are you Ready?

Well here is something typically Belgian (and perhaps all over the rest of the non-english speaking world as well)... as we were walking to the movies yesterday afternoon at around 4pm, we were crossing the end of the Meir (the mall of Antwerp), and there is a mini-carnival there for new years (4-5 rides, lots of junk and loud music). I was looking at the biggest ride there, which was filled with kids (despite being so bloody cold), and all of a sudden, out of the loud speakers yelled a man..."Are you REEEAADDY mother f@#kers?!!!" and the kids all screamed yeeeeaahh!!!

I have been here 18 months, but still cant get used to the fact that this is normal! I actually think it's quite funny! Imagine this in Australia! So many people are so worried about what their children hear, but it doesnt really matter what they see! Here the kids are immune to words such as f@#ker and they see boobs on TV at such a young age, that I think that there is little that really is taboo here. Still cant get used to it, but am definitely not against it!

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Anonymous said...

HAHA... love that story.

See you guys in Morzine next week. How excitement!