Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Happy Birthday To You...

Just a small post to send a birthday wish to my most favourite friend for so long....
Happy birthday smelly Kelly :)
Sorry I havent called sweety - am still figuring out how to say yes and no in Hungarian, so I havent been great with the "Do You have an International Phonecard?" and "How do I use it?". But I will call as soon as I get home.

Hope you had a beautiful day


Nick said...

Hey Guys!!

Where are my wake up calls? I've been sleeping like a baby undisturbed.

I'll see you in June unless I happen to become Jewish and move to Antwerp before then.

Nick :)

elza said...

Hi Ingrid,
love your blog. Really nice work!! It's lovely to read about typical Belgian things...that are so normal to a born and raised antwerp-girl. You'e got one more reader :-)