Sunday, January 22, 2006

And if I could get closer, could you feel the presence of my thoughts?

Well, the weekend is almost over, and there is not much to say this time. I am trying to keep myself busy to get over the holiday dip which is always so inevitable and yet one can never be prepared for it mentally. After reading other peoples blogs and speaking to other Aussies (some of which I have only just met), I realise that so many other people experience the same senses of loneliness, even when surrounded by people. Its funny... I dont know if it's just the way Aussies are, or if it's just me, or if it's in fact everybody, but it is so difficult to make friends outside your culture (well, great friends anyway). After spending just one week with a group of people (half of which I knew before the trip), everybody was themselves, no crappy small talk about the weather, arrangements were made to see eachother again (and I truly believe these are genuine), and a general 'friendly' feeling was felt towards everyone else (yes, it's corny). I have been here 18 months now, and sure, I have made friends with work, uni, through toms friends, but I have just realised how closed up I have been through this entire period when I came into contact with other Aussies. The only refuge and sanity release I have had is through the constant contact with Tim and Tash. Thank god for you guys - if you werent over here as well, I think things would be very different! Tom understands exactly how it is, but he doesnt feel it as much, because he has his old friends here too. Lucky for us, he can relate to the Aussie way, and has broken through our invisible, not-so-easily-penetratable barrier.

I hope the summer comes soon, because the heat seems to blow away these bizarre feelings. I honestly cant wait to just fill the backpacks, take our euros, and just go where the aeroplane takes us and not worry about life in general. There is so much that people are meant to achieve before they are at a certain age, and I hope that I haven't achieved the norm!

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