Thursday, January 05, 2006

Australia, in the middle of Belgium

Well here are a few oldies - but there is nothing new on our camera except all of the snow we had last week. But, I will post all my new photos after I have burnt them on CD.

Well, some of you may seen these already - these are a few shots from the teeny tiny township of Durbuy (pronounce dubwee - with the emphasis on bwee) - kinda a cute name! Apparently, it is the smallest city in the world, but I think that it's just another Belgianism. It was a lovely little village with only around 10 shops, but we couldnt believe that one of them was an Australian ice-creamery. You find these stores scattered all around Belgium, normally in Antwerp, Gent, Brussels, Brugge (the bigger places), and here we were in the middle of nowhere in the Ardennes, and there was another one. I just couldnt believe there was a market for it, considering Wallonia (south Belgium) has temperatures of lower than 10°C for more than half the year!

Two days until we go snowboarding, and thank god for that! Cant wait for apr├ęs ski either...

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Lyn Christiansen said...

Liked your website. Am looking forward to reading more. Enjoy your skiing holiday. Love Mum.