Thursday, January 19, 2006

Holidays are wonderfull..if you're the one that's leaving on an airplane, sitting on a train, just watching by while the clouds take shape

Well back from a holiday and I can speak for both of us if I say we're having trouble adapting to the working life again. But then again, I read some other people have as well. We just made up a balance of everything to come in 2006.

Music-wise: Personally I'd love to be any good on the guitar. I am still in the beginners month (also known as the "I wished I 'd never bought this f**??! thing"-month). But am passionate about it and eager to learn. Also off course am looking forward to Rock Werchter this year, maybe Tim and Tash will come over. We are going to see the Arctic Monkeys and dEUS. Furthermore lots of exciting and new bands and cd's coming up: Arctic Monkeys, Editors, Red Hot Chili Peppers, maybe Sophia,...

Work-wise: I am also delighted that I am quitting work and going back to uni. Don't know how this will turn out, fiasco or heaven. But at least I'm trying and being scared of my decision but am sure that I am making the right one!

What holidays are concerned: the next one will be to Rome in March, and hopefully watching a socer game as well. We also want to go backpacking in Portugal this summer and maybe we can squeeze some weekends in between. We'll be busy enough!

Sporting wise: I am running the 20km of Brussels again plus this year, the 10 miles from Antwerp. Ingrid is goign to take a shot at the 5 miles. So now she can't back down anymore because it's on here!

Well that's about it for me this year. I think studying will be change enough but the beauty at the moment is that our lives could be totally different in a few months so who knows: we might end up in South America oir come home Australia before 2007, you never know,...


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Lyn Christiansen said...

Great to read that you're persevering with the guitar, Tom. Keep at it! Am looking forward to hearing some great guitar riffs! Saw some great groups at Woodford this year whom I'm sure you would have enjoyed.