Monday, January 16, 2006

Let's Go Swimming in the Water

Well... still in lovely, freeeeeezing Budapest, but experienced something very different and lovely today... the world famous hot baths! The temperature here is at the momement hovering between -5 and -10 and there is no sun to be seen, so you can imaging how lovely that feels when you change into a pair of togs. That actually wasnt so bad, considering you do that indoors, but the big hot bath is outside, so you have a good 10-20 seconds of absolute torture in the quick sprint on the snow-covered pavement. But once in the bath, it is almost impossible to leave! So, after this, we decided to make a dash for the Sauna, so Tom picked up our towel, and we quickly scampered to the Sauna room. While the room was way too hot for me, Tom decided to stay in the Sauna for a little longer, and take a relaxing shower, only to be nicely interrupted by a crazy Hungarian girl who yelled at him for taking the wrong towel! Our towel was apparently whitER than hers (hers was a pink shade of white) and how dare he for taking it. Being colour blind (and human) it is easy for one to make a mistake, so he frantically apologised, but for no use. She continued and swiped back her white-pink towel while we have our white one back. Tom figured it must have been Karma for us stealing the towel from the Hotel we stayed at in Geneva!

After this, we both had a lovely massage, so are now both suitably relaxed and going back to the hostel for a read and lay down. Back to Belgium tomorrow. Oh - one more word of advice: Always calculate when using foreign currencies which require you to divide by a factor of more than 2; we withdrew 100 000 Forint today thinking it should be around 40 Euro, but later realised that it was actually 400 euro. Smart hey?!!

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shanelle & pete said...

Hi Ingridu

Funny story about the hot baths! The onsens sound very similar here in Japan, except you go naked! However, it's segregated by sex, so it's not so bad! I did have an interesting experience in Shirahama at an outdoor onsen just before New Year. It was absolutely freezing and here I was walking naked around outside in this manmade garden with several different baths, feeling really strange. However, it was pretty secluded! Anyhow, chat to you soon!