Sunday, January 15, 2006

A heart of stone, A smoking gun

Well, here we are, back into the land of indoor-ness - therefore, back on the internet and watching trash on telly! We have just arrived in not-so-sunny Budapest after a pretty full-on week of snowboarding. What a fantastic holiday! We shared a chalet with 10 other people, in the most glorious surroundings of Morzine. Apparently, it's the largest skiing destination in the world. But all seriousness aside, I think most of us spent more of the week laughing rather than skiing/snowboarding! Between the bruises (we all saw Damien Radfords bum covered in shades from light pink, to brown, to purple) to two of our single-campers 'sucking lollies' in the middle of the night, to our quietest camper having a little too much fun on the last night, (while 4 people were in bed), declaring himself as 'wake-up-man' and proudly waking up some not-so-happy people, including our landlords upstairs! But the snowboarding was fun too. I gave myself 2 purple tennisballs where my knees used to be on my first day, while Tom has no damage - bugger him!
Will post some photos when I have them on CD. Until then, I think I will take a long bath in one of the hot bath houses in Budapest. Have to buy some eastern-european togs first tho....

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