Thursday, March 02, 2006

dEUS came, won and conquered Belgium. We knew the concert was going to be good because the were playing on home-turf. But it was the best concert we have ever seen, music-wise that is.

Driving there we got lost again in Brussels, for the second time in two days. So we have got a perfect record so far. So it took us a lot longer to get there due to bad navigating (according to Tom), bad driving (according to Ingrid). Luckily at Vorst we got a secret parking place that never lets us down. Vorst is becoming a second home considering all the concerts we've seen there last year. We have got it time that well that we exactly know how long the traffic jam will take going to the concert.

Then just got in, in time for the concert. Elbow was the opening act. Didn't see them though so can't give any remarks. dEUS was amazing. We knew there were a really eclectic band but they have got so many qualities in one band. Tom Barman is, apart from being a really good lead-singer, also from Antwerp and lives not far from us. Ingrid almost fainted when she saw him once. Reminded me of 16-year old girls when the Backstreet Boys walk on by. The musician of the year is their lead-guitarist (Mr. Mauro Pawlowski). Apart from that the violinist, drummer and bass-player are all talented musicians.

They found the perfect balance of old songs mixed with their classics. Off course the crowd was ecstatic, knowing every line from every song. For you aussies who are interested: dEUS is Belgium's biggest rock band. If you want to look up some of their songs: 'Suds and Soda', 'Fell of the floor, man', 'Little Arithmetics' and favorite and one of the highlights of the night 'Hotel lounge (be the death of me)'. So we had a great night and the best concert.

We are both worn out now after our 2day music-tour and tonight is the night for TV, bumming around and maybe playing some guitar.

My little Hitler forced me to mention her following remark 'next to the speakers, the bass coming through was enough to rattle the phlegm out of the worst emphysema patient'

So looking forward to the next one: Sophia in April. I think we're on about 30 concerts a year. I truly don't think I am over exaggerating.


Nick said...

So you were carving it up down the highway Tom? Those boarding lessons must have paid off!

ingrid said...

Yeah - thank god he learnt how to manoeuvre on the board! Next year, snow-driving lessons! Not for me tho, just give me a bumpa car, and that will keep me happy :)