Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This bed is on fire with passionate love

I was at uni last night, (as i should be every tuesday evening), and we were discussing the Flemish media - be that television, newspapers, radio, magazines etc. This is not the first time this has been brought to my attention... but i try to forget about it, because it only reminds me of what it is like in Australia. One of our tasks yesterday was to compare the Flemish media to that from Australia. I had to list a mainstream socialistic newspaper, a weekly news magazine (as a separate publication), catholic press, and the list goes on. Since I worked for 5 years in a newsagent, I thought this would be easy, but once again, I was a bit stumped. Sure I can list things like BRW, Economist, Bulletin, TIME, but these are definitely not read by the majority of the population. The top magazines in this country are news and current affairs magazines, some with political satire, but generally interesting, and not for the rich or upper class. It is strange for me to say that Women's weekly, New Idea, People and Picture (those of you who dont know the latter, don't feel too deprived!) are our biggest sellers (and those of you who think otherwise are living a fantasy!). 40% of the public listen to the Belgian equivalent of triple J. Another contrast to Australia (although, I think thankfully this number is rising...). Anyway, probably something that nobody else finds interesting, but I like how the youth here are especially interested in the news rather than what some celebrity ate for breakfast and the time of his/her bowel movements.

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Good point Inge!
Kels xxx