Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Ok - it has been a week since our last entry, so I should update the blog as to what we have been doing since last Wednesday... Italia!

We flew into Pisa (good ol' Ryan air) on Friday afternoon, and just hung out a bit. As soon as we unboarded the plane, we knew immediately that it wasnt trenchcoat weather! We had an average temperature of 10-15°C for the 5 days, and then when we landed back in Brussels yesterday, we were greeted with -3°C. When does it ever end? At least we were greeted by cloudless, sun-filled skies at both destinations!

So, Pisa was quaint and lovely. Very unlike Rome! Clearly, the tower was the only main attraction in Pisa, but it was strange, and immaculate as well (also unlike Rome!). You could see how much it leant, but it wasnt until you had a look around the entire base, that you could really see how much it sunk. So we filled up our digital camera memory once again on this.

After a night in Pisa, we then boarded a 3.5 hour train to the city on 7 hills (although, they were more like bumps to me!). Rome was an a lovely city, filled to the brim with history and architectural ruins, but also tourists (yes, i am a hypocrite), even in winter. Thankfully, we didnt have to wait too long in line anywhere. And this includes the Vatican (because we werent going to join a queue which encircled an entire country!). So we missed the chapel (dont ask me how to spell sistien).

Will give my next round at a later time...


Lyn said...

Did Tim like his present?
By the way, the only time I was ever at the Sistine Chapel I had a severe neckache because I was looking at the ceiling for so long and the chapel was so crowded I couldn't put my head back to its normal position!
If you travel to Italy again, visit Florence.

Anonymous said...

Hey ##NAME##, This is the first time I've seen your blog - pretty cool. I find this whole blogging thing pretty amazing. So many, and such good stuff. Mind you, technical info about digicams is my thing, which is why I was looking for ##LINK##, but it was good to see your blog. Keep blogging!